Royal Enfield unveiled one of their most ambitious projects, called the KX Concept at the EICMA 2018. Before you get too excited looking at the images below, you should know that the Royal Enfield KX Concept is a design study and will not be headed to production. At least not in the near future.

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Back in 1937-38, Royal Enfield launched the KX which was a 1,140cc motorcycle. The largest displacement engine that the motorcycle manufacturer had made then. It was powered by a side-valve, twin-cylinder engine with totally enclosed valve gear along with RE’s dry-sump lubrication system. Royal Enfield marketed the KX as ‘The last word in luxury motorcycling’. It had a claimed top speed of 80mph (129kmph) along with an overall economy of 28kmpl.

The modern Royal Enfield Bobber

The Royal Enfield KX Concept pays a homage to the cult classic of the 30s in a modern manner. The first thing that you would notice is the large girder fork with integrated headlight, a neat modern take on the classic of the yesteryear. The fuel tank’s distinct shape with a flat top and elongated length make up for an interesting design. Further, it gets a single unit, dual barrel exhaust similar to the classic and machined multi-spoke alloy wheels. The instrumentation is all digital and offers features like Bluetooth connectivity, navigation in addition to gear indicator and speed.

While the front gets a girder fork, the rear gets a monoshock that has been nicely positioned underneath the single seat. Further, the KX Concept is equipped with dual-discs in the front and a single unit in the rear with Bybre brake callipers.

The Royal Enfield KX Concept has been shown with a 838cc V-Twin engine. However, since this one is a Bobber, we believe it will have a linear power delivery. The V-twin engine on the concept bike looks fairly basic without any complicated electronics. With reference to the 650 parallel-twin engines that is being offered on the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650, the 838cc V-Twin engine too could have humble specifications.

While we too would love to see the Royal Enfield KX Concept get converted into production ready form, it is not happening. And that is because the KX Concept is a symbol of what the engineer and design team of Royal Enfield is capable of doing.

Source: Overdrive