The ongoing 2018 Paris Motor Show has seen some very exciting new launches, but the European auto show also has a very interesting concept from Peugeot that is garnering all the drools from auto enthusiasts. French carmaker Peugeot has pulled the wraps off the e-Legend Concept, an all-electric sports car that brings the future of autonomous technology combined with old-school design language to the exhibition floors. The Peugeot e-Legend Concept takes its design inspiration from the 1968 Peugeot 504 Coupe. The concept comes 50 years after the 504 was on sale.

(The Peugeot e-Legend Concept takes inspiration from the 1968 Peugeot 504 Coupe)

As the automaker puts it, the Peugeot e-Legend Concept “magnifies the genes and the elegance of the heritage of the brand.” The study brings everything like about retro-styled cars into play including the boxy proportions, long bonnet, and flowing fenders. The twin headlights on the concept are also inspired from the 504 Coupe, and so is the taillight design which gets the modern treatment with the LED strips. In addition, the design does seem to take inspiration from American muscle, but we certainly aren’t complaining.

The cabin also gets the retro treatment on the Peugeot e-Legend concept with vintage-looking buckets seats, while the seats are upholstered in blue velvet. The cabin comes with 16 different screens spread all over including the dashboard, door panels, sun visor, and the center console. The dashboard, in fact, has been replaced by a focal soundbar while a 49-inch curved screen sits under the same. The curved screen can play a host of information including videos, while there’s an in-built video game as well – Pong – that was developed during the 1960s as well. The steering wheel also comes with the retro-cool theme but can be folded into the dashboard. The controller for all the functions pops out between the front seats.

(The steering wheel on the Peugeot e-Legend concept is foldable into the dashboard and is flanked by screens & the vintage-style bucket seats on the Peugeot e-Legend Concept gets the very radical blue velvet upholstery)

Peugeot says it does not want future vehicles to be seen as boring. The e-Legend Concept then brings some visual excitement to the future.

While the retro styling is extremely likable, the Peugeot e-Legend concept is also about the future of automobiles for the brand. The concept uses an electric powertrain with twin motors mounted on each axle. The combined power output stands at 462 bhp and a whopping 800 Nm of peak torque that send power to all four wheels. The concept can achieve the 0-100 kmph sprint in less than 4 seconds, while the electric range stands at 600 km in a single charge. a 100 kWh battery located under the floor powers the e-Legend.

Autonomous driving technology will be an integral part of the future, and the Peugeot e-Legend has both self-driving and autonomous driving options. There are four modes – two autonomous and two manual, on the concept, and the former can shift between cruising or more spirited driving. The manual gets those options too. The car also comes with a boost mode that makes for a more immersive driving experience by projecting images from the car’s cameras onto the digital surface inside the car.

(The Peugeot e-Legend Concept is equal parts retro and futuristic)

While the e-Legend concept does not preview an immediate model of the future, even though we wish it did, Peugeot says that the learnings from the design study will make it to a host of other future production cars.

Content Source: CarandBike